Results are in! Visual Preference Survey + Opportunity Sites

Results are in! Thank you for the 100+ votes received via the online Visual Preference Survey and added insight regarding opportunity sites that offer the most potential.  Below is an overview of the results.  We will be utilizing this information moving forward, in combination with the input received at the ‘Economics 101 Workshop’, market data and site selection criteria, to identify and prioritize redevelopment sites as well as the look and feel of potential development concepts therein.

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The top 3 images with the most online “likes” | R6, R11, R1 and R5




The top 3 images with the most online “likes” | M10, M7 and M2




The top 2 images with the most online “likes” | P3 and R4



Online Results of Opportunity Sites

The top 2 sites  with the most online “votes” were sites 21 and 23.  Please note that the online results are being paired with the feedback and findings from the ‘Economics 101’ workshop and voting exercise to prioritize sites that offer the most potential.


Submitted Comments:

  • Site 21: The 1st thing you see when you turn onto Railroad and it needs to set a precedence of what Valley Junction should be and transform to.
  • Site 21 is the cornerstone entrance to VJ.
  • Site 23 has plenty of space and is close to the entrance to 5th St. for a signature, complimentary development.
  • Site 23 and Site 1: Great potential for both an existing built project and an innovative new construction project.
  • Site 24: The used car lot has got to go. It is ugly and that space should be utilized better.
  • Site 3 and Site 7: To show a better welcome into Valley Junction.
  • Site 18 and Site 17: Because they are a gateway to Valley Junction. They are not “junky” per se, but also not very welcoming.