Community collaboration is essential to this process and plan. Scroll down to view an overview of the engagement components planned, and how such build off of the master planning efforts that took place in Fall of 2015. To start, please enter your email below to join the e-newsletter list. Steady project announcements will be shared to ensure transparency and build involvement along the way.

Engagement Elements

Connecting our past, present and future…

Steering Committee

2016 Master Plan: A steering committee comprised of community ambassadors, i.e. local residents, business owners, and stakeholders, helped guide and inform the initial master plan, many members of which remain involved as part of the newly formed Update Committee.

2022 Plan Update: Steering committee meetings are planned every other month between Fall 2021 and Fall 2022. The committee is an essential part of the team and instrumental in connecting and sharing information with fellow residents, businesses, and organizations.

Community Workshops

2016 Master Plan: A kick-off walking tour initiated the last master plan, followed by four community-wide workshops to hear from locals on their vision and priorities for Historic West Des Moines.

2022 Plan Update: In-person and on-the-ground engagement is an excellent way to hone in on project particulars, community character, and design considerations relative to the built environment and transitions between residential and commercial uses. Four workshops are planned between Fall 2021 and Fall 2022.

Virtual Participation

2016 Master Plan: A project website and series of interactive online polls were used to further engagement during the first master planning process and will continue over the next year.

2022 Plan Update: You’re in the right place! This website serves as a go-to source of information for the master plan update, community events, polls, and draft documents. Steady project announcements will be posted via this website and shared via email newsletters to all who subscribe.


2016 Master Plan: Dozens of individual and group discussions were held with residents, businesses, students, local organizations and stakeholders to further inform the issues and opportunities of the original master plan.

2022 Plan Update: Focus group sessions and interviews will take place throughout the process to ensure community input is holistic and reflective of community perspectives. Know someone we should be talking to? Drop us a note via the contact link below.

Local Events

2016 Master Plan: As part of the initial master plan, community engagement, idea sharing and prioritization of plan recommendations took place at a series of local events, including Jingle in the Junction and the Farmers Market.

2022 Plan Update: Marketing the project at local events helps generate additional insights and further “project reach” and awareness. The planning team and steering committee will be partnering with the Historic Valley Junction Foundation to promote the project at and as part of events.

Design Preference Polls

2016 Master Plan: Design as it relates to placemaking was a major focus of the initial master plan. Specific recommendations were developed which helped implement blade signs, streetscape improvements, public art, and patios.

2022 Plan Update: To help ensure future development aligns with community ideals, the creation of design guidelines are a major focus of this master plan update. To generate direction here, a visual preference survey will be shared with the community.

“Historic West Des Moines is eclectic, endearing, and inviting — a destination to go and gather, a place to call “home”. Walkable, comfortable, and compact, it has evolved to reflect both diversity and commonality, while celebrating a richness of character that tells our story and reflects our railroad roots.”

– Steering Committee Quotes · September 15th, 2021 Meeting

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