Welcome to the Virtual Design Workshop

NOTE: The virtual workshop and survey closed on January 2nd, 2022. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Important Announcement: As many of you already know and experienced, due to inclement weather, high winds, and school closures, the 12/15 Design Collaborative Workshop at Stilwell Junior High needed to shift to a virtual setting. Everyone’s safety comes first and thanks to the power of technology we are able to pivot to an online setting to gather insights in light of these unexpected events. Thank you for your patience and flexibility.

Step 1: Video Orientation

Instructions: We know you are all eager to dive into the visual preference survey, but please watch the three short orientation videos below before taking such. They are collectively less than 8-minutes in length and the context provides important information to consider in advance of taking the Visual Preference Survey… as well as instructions that will guide you through it.

Chapter 1: Welcome + Recap · Length: 3:30 Minutes

Chapter 2: Why Design Guidelines? · Length: 2:30 Minutes

Chapter 3: Survey Instructions · Length: 1:40 Minutes

This video orientation is presented by Team Members Erin Cigliano, Principal with Teska Associates, and Ed Torrez, President and Principal of Bauer Latoza Studio. Erin has been involved with Historic West Des Moines since the original Master Plan in 2015, helping lead community engagement, outreach, and design. Ed shares a depth of knowledge and experience in Main Street communities, architecture, and historic preservation.

Step 2: Visual Preference Survey

How can we preserve local heritage, embrace the future, and celebrate the local look, feel, and flavor of our eclectic, historic neighborhood?

Instructions: The following Visual Preference Survey includes a collection of images that depict different elements of building architecture and community design.  Please rate each image based on how appropriate you view the design elements in reference to the future success of Historic West Des Moines. The survey includes the following categories:

(1) Built Form, (2) Ground Floor, (3) Streetscape, and (4) Parking + Screening. For the “Built Form” category you will be asked to rate images based on general locations i.e. mixed-use commercial areas, neighboring transitional areas, and Railroad Avenue.

Click here to view the instructional video (Chapter 3, above) before diving in.

Note: This is a detailed survey and will likely take ~25 minutes to complete. Please take it when you have time to do so in a single sitting.

Step 3: Design Guidelines Q+A

This form closed with the survey on January 2nd, 2022.

Step 4: Stay Informed

Thank you for participating in the Virtual Workshop!

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