Virtual Workshop Open

We hope this email finds everyone safe and sound following yesterday’s weather events. We are excited to announce the Virtual Design Workshop is officially open! Thank you for your patience and flexibility in pivoting to an online setting. We were very much looking forward to connecting with folks live and in-person but are grateful for the power of technology. On that note — drumroll … … …

Please click the button below to enter the Virtual Workshop. There are 4 stations / steps to engage with. As eager as we know you all are to dive right into the survey, please watch the short orientation videos before getting started. We kept them short-n-sweet, and they serve up important context and food for thought to assist with your survey experience.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the virtual workshop and visual preference survey! Both tools were live between December 16th and January 2nd, and have since closed. Results will be posted to the documents page when complete. Please subscribe to the website via the homepage for updates.