Steering Committee Meeting 2/16: Highlights + Next Steps

On February 16th, 2022 the Draft Design Guidelines for Railroad Avenue, were reviewed by the Steering Committee. The general direction of the Draft Guidelines for Railroad Avenue were well received, with comments and next steps focused on the following:

  • Appreciation of streetscape recommendations and leveraging the corridor as a gateway to Valley Junction. There is an ongoing desire, as is supported by the guidelines, with celebrating area history, railroad roots, and identity through design, arts, and wayfinding signage, noting: “we have a real unique opportunity here.”
  • The boundaries and depth of the Railroad Avenue District are being reviewed and diagrams created that show examples of how buildings, parking, screening, and fencing can be sited with respect to adjacent uses and residential, height/massing of buildings, and quality site design of new development.
  • The auto-orientated nature of the corridor is a prime focus with how to create pedestrian friendly spaces that are buffered from traffic, noise, etc.. The team is looking at expanding the language on integration of pedways (similar to the Mixed Use Commercial District) to create inviting spaces.
  • Streetscape recommendations will expand details on solid fencing and side-street bumpouts.
  • District areas that lie South of Railroad Avenue are being refined to include additional and slightly different guidelines on height, use types, and site design given the more remote location.
  • As was reiterated during review of the Mixed Use Commercial District, Draft Design Guidelines apply only to new construction or redevelopment and do not affect or flag changes to existing uses, homes, or buildings as they are today.

“This is our time to shine… We have a real unique opportunity here to draw people in and leverage Railroad Avenue as a gateway.”

– Steering Committee Member

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