Design Preferences Shared: View Survey Summary

Harmony is essential to the spirit of the district; buildings don’t stand alone.”

Howdy Historic West Des Moines! Thank you to the 300+ folks who responded to the Visual Preference Survey, 400+ individuals who participated in the Virtual Design Collaborative Workshop, and hundreds of comments shared. All your input was carefully compiled, reviewed, and summarized via the presentation linked below. To put it bluntly, you all rock! And the rolling stream of insights and design preferences shared have laid the foundation for the development of Design Guidelines. 

The Steering Committee met twice last week on January 5th and 6th for nearly 6-hours total to review the design feedback and consensus for each design category. Over those two days the team engaged in thoughtful discussion, adding context and refinement to direction and intent. Together, district boundaries were outlined and design and zoning considerations finessed. Draft Design Guidelines are now underway, and our next stop on the Master Planning Update Tour is to workshop them through with the steering committee on January 26th.

Please click the button below to dive into the survey summary and presentation. Thank you for your involvement, time, passion and helping shape guidelines such that they truly reflect the spirit of Historic West Des Moines.