Working Draft of Design Guidelines: Steering Committee Review 1/26

Hello! The Historic West Des Moines Master Planning Team has been working very hard these past few weeks. Following extensive review of the feedback provided via the Visual Preference Survey, paired with Steering Committee discussion, oversight, and refinement at meetings on both January 5th and 6th — we are excited to share the initial Working Draft of the Design Guidelines for Historic West Des Moines, see link below.

It is important to reiterate, this is a Draft and will be the focus of the Steering Committee Meeting on Wednesday, January 26th. At this meeting we will review and finesse content by design district and section; re: architectural design and site / streetscape design. The team is also concurrently reviewing the document with various city departments to make sure details and recommendations align and speak the same language.

Special thanks to everyone who has been involved in this process to date!

As noted in the Draft Acknowledgments on Page 03:

To the residents, businesses, and local stakeholders who came together to shape and inform these Design Guidelines: Thank you for every insight shared, question asked, topic raised, meeting attended, survey completed, and hour spent discussing the past, present, and future of Historic West Des Moines.

Your collective contributions:

  • told a story of historic past times, railroad roots, and identity; 
  • painted a picture of community character, charming and kitschy;
  • shaped a vision of what the future should look and feel like; and 
  • amplified the importance of how the details of a development (architecture, built form, materials, massing, and context sensitivity – to name a few) impact much more than the site on which they sit.