You’ve Got Mail!

Hello Friends of Historic West Des Moines:

Take a peek into the week ahead…

Happy Reminder: Committee Meeting June 1st

Cheers to it almost being June!

Our next Steering Committee Meeting is coming up in a week on Wednesday, June 1st at 4:30 pm. A reminder that all meetings are open to the public and posted to the City Calendar. We invite you to join us virtually or in-person at the Human Services Building, 139 6th Street. This month we will be picking up where we left off, and continuing our discussion on the Transitional District.

You’ve Got Mail! FAQ Brochures Incoming

The team has been busy these past few weeks…

Since we last met on April 20th, local outreach and active listening have been our focus. The team polled committee members to better understand pressing questions they are fielding from fellow residents and community members. We applied this input to create a robust FAQ page on this project website, simplified our contact form, and designed a set of handy-dandy, double-sided info brochures. Printed FAQ brochures on the Master Plan and Accessory Dwelling Units have been mailed to every address, both residential and commercial, within the study area. The team also prepared and mailed brochures with helpful information specific to the Transitional District, as well as the other two FAQ brochures, to every address in the amended district. They were mailed earlier this week and should be arriving very soon, so stay tuned!

Transitional District Guidelines, Uses & Boundaries

To that point… Based on input heard and received at our committee meeting and through outreach there following, we’ve made refinements to the Transitional District. Boundaries have been scaled back significantly (about 50%) and cafes nor restaurants are included as allowable use types. We value your input and will continue to seek such as we strive to shape a healthy, vibrant future for Historic West Des Moines. To help understand the amended Transitional District boundaries, please see slider tool below.

Slider of Transitional District Map Edits:

The image on the left is what was proposed and discussed on April 20; the image on the right reflects the revised, scaled back boundaries for the Transitional District.

Collaboration + Transparency

The team wants to be sure to provide transparency and helpful information related to the Master Plan Update and planning best practices for Main Street communities like ours.

For example, the benefits Transitional Districts have on enhancing the social fabric of a community while also stabilizing and maintaining the entrepreneurial, eclectic, mom-pop vibe of businesses in Valley Junction. This topic was one that was met with thoughtful discussion at our April meeting. We look forward to picking back up where we left off and hope to see you on June 1st. If you have questions, please click the buttons below to learn more, connect, and get involved.