Next Steering Committee, June 1st

Happy Friday Historic West Des Moines!

To accommodate the additional information requests and community outreach discussed at the meeting on April 20th, 2022, the next Historic West Des Moines Steering Committee meeting will be shifted from May 11th to Wednesday, June 1st. This will allow time to research and assess the comments and concerns shared by local residents and committee members. This meeting is currently planned to take place at 4:30 pm at the Human Services Building, 139 6th Street. Additional efforts are underway to provide project materials in print and digital formats.

Why Guidelines?

For those new to the process / plan: The development of Design Guidelines for districts within the Study Area, (the current focus of Steering Committee meetings) is one aspect of the Master Plan Update. The goal of the guidelines is to ensure quality development that aligns with the area’s treasured form and past, while promoting and shaping a successful future. They apply only to new development (no changes to existing homes, buildings or structures are required) and are an important and effective means for building vibrancy, economic prosperity, and reinforcing the area’s image as a historic, eclectic, quaint, inviting place to live, work, shop, and gather. The community character mind map below, developed with the Steering Committee, showcases these values, and remains the foundation of planning efforts moving forward.

  • No changes to existing homes, buildings, and developments are required.
  • Guidelines apply only to new construction, renovations, or additions.

More Information:


Speaking of shaping a bright, vibrant future… planters in Valley Junction are available for sponsorship! Below are some of the photos we took of the colorful foliage last year. Click here to learn more!