Committee Meeting 6/29: Review Draft Guidelines for Mixed Industrial District

Wednesday June 29th, 2022 · Steering Committee Meeting to Review Draft Design Guidelines for the Mixed Industrial District

The Mixed Industrial District, which lies both north and south of Railroad Avenue (see areas highlighted in light blue and labeled “MI” on this map – click here) is a unique area that emerged as a focal point through community outreach and discussion. 

Existing Conditions in Mixed Industrial District

At prior meetings residents voiced concerns about the look and feel of properties in this district, noting a need for improved design standards and property maintenance, especially in reference to the area north of Railroad Avenue and south of Holiday Park where industrial uses intermix with residential homes.

Locals also noted a desire for areas that can support incubator type businesses and creative maker spaces. Industrial areas and adaptive retrofits of warehouses are quite common for these types of uses. The future goals drafted for the district, which we will be exploring on 6/29, align with this feedback as highlighted below.

Draft Guidelines for the Mixed Industrial District

Design guidelines are important to ensure future development is attractive and planned with the local community in mind. Draft recommendations for the Mixed Industrial District focus on building design, form, landscaping and proper screening of trash, storage and service areas. Site design, connectivity, and public art to enhance and strengthen local character, history and culture will also be explored. 

Join Us Tomorrow, 6/29

We look forward to sharing and discussing the draft design guidelines on the Mixed Industrial District at tomorrow’s Steering Committee meeting; Wednesday, June 29th at 4:30pm. Tomorrow’s presentation which includes information on the draft guidelines is available via this link and slideshow below. For the latest information on meeting dates, times and virtual access details please visit the Meetings page or City Calendar online. All meetings are open to the public with virtual and in-person participation welcome.

View 6/29 Steering Committee Slideshow on the Mixed Industrial District