July Updates: Mixed Industrial Receives Committee Recommendation, 7/20 Meeting on Draft Commercial Guidelines

Hello Historic West Des Moines! Our next steering committee meeting will be taking place next week on Wednesday, July 20th at 4:30pm, with virtual and in-person participation welcome. For the latest information on meeting dates, times and virtual access details please visit the Meetings page on the project website or take a peek at the City Calendar online.

The primary focus of this meeting will be on reviewing the Draft Guidelines for the Commercial District, which include existing commercial areas located along Grand Avenue and 1st Street.

The draft guidelines will be posted in the coming days for review prior to the meeting on July 20th. Below are site photos of some of the existing areas in the district.

Recap: Mixed Industrial District Recommended by Committee

At the meeting on June 29th, the Steering Committee unanimously recommended approval of the Mixed Industrial District Design Guidelines. Discussion highlights included:

  • support for natural materials (re: brick, stone — not composite, paneling)
  • desire to embrace more public art and culture as part of the district; noting greenway buffers and sculpture walks can help strengthen community storytelling, local history, character and aesthetics
  • parking lot landscaping and green infrastructure recommendations (re: bioswales, native plants, pollinators, rain gardens, shade trees / landscaping in parking lots, etc.)
  • questions pertaining to height and setbacks for the district were noted. No changes are being proposed to the existing zoning, but the team is developing renderings to help depict current standards.
  • privacy screening and fence types were discussed
  • code enforcement and property maintenance continue to be a high priority of the committee

Thanks to all who took part in this discussion. We look forward to connecting again on July 20th!